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Updated Tuesday August 1, 2017 by Tri-Cities Baseball & Softball.

Congratulations to our 2017 Fall Tri-Cities Baseball & Softball Association TEBA Select Baseball Coaches!

  • 13U TCBA Bandits - John Anderson
  • 12U TCBA Bandits - Roper Wall
  • 11U TCBA Bandits - Joshua Stone
  • 11U TCBA Bandits - Kelly Daniels
  • 10U TCBA Bandits - JR Baugus
  •  9U TCBA Bandits - Matt Bedlington
  •  9U TCBA Bandits - Joshua Stone
  •  8U TBCA Bandits - Jason DeArmond

If you are new or returning, you will need to apply prior to the beginning of each season. Eligibility and roster requirements apply. Please contact the TCBSA TEBA Director, JR Baugus at teba@tcbaseball.com or 817-909-9944, with any questions or concerns.

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Tri-Cities Baseball & Softball is proud to be a member of the Texas Elite Baseball Association (TEBA) Select Baseball League.

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