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Updated Wednesday July 26, 2017 by Tri-Cities Baseball & Softball.

Are the TCBSA leagues co-ed?    

Absolutely, boys and girls play together in rookie Tee-ball. Boys, ages 5 to 15, play baseball. Girls, ages 5 to 15, have the option to play baseball or girls-only-softball.  Girls will default into softball. If you would like your daughter to play baseball, please email our Registrar.

What are the scheduled dates of the TriCities Baseball & Softball league play seasons?

Spring Season registration runs approximately December through February and plays March through May.

Fall Season registration runs approximately July through August and plays September through November.

What determines the age level in which my child will participate?

Your child must be 3 years old to play in the 4U T-Ball (4 and under) division.

We do allow 15-year-olds to play in our 14U league with some restrictions. Check the TCBSA rules for details. 



  • The age level is determined by how old your child will be on April 30 of the USSSA season which last from August 1 of one year to July 31 of the next. As long as you enter information correctly during registration, you will be placed in the correct age bracket.
  • USSSA's Age Calculator can help you determine the age for a particular season.


  • The age level is determined by the year of birth only, January - December in accordance with ASA rules. As long as you enter the information correctly during registration, you will be placed in the correct age bracket. 

Can my child play up a division?

Yes, but only one year. A 6-year-old could play up to 7U, but a 5-year-old could not.

Can my child play down an age division?

No, for the safety of all players we make all attempts for the recreational players to play in their assigned age division.

Where are games played?

Games are played at city parks in Bedford (Bedford Boys Ranch) and Hurst (Hurst Community Park, Chisholm Park, & Smith Barfield). Click the locations link on the left to see details.

When are games scheduled?

3U/4U games are scheduled on Saturdays

5U & above may have games scheduled on Saturdays and weeknights. 

Rain outs may require shifting schedules around to accommodate games.

Where and when are practices held?

Please contact your coach for practice days and times.  These will be assigned during the Manager's meeting.

What equipment must my child have to participate?

A glove and batting helmet are required.  The league does have some lightly used donated equipment, if you need equipment to be able to joing the league, please just coordinate between the Age Group Commissioner and Equipment Director - we will get you the gear you need if your in a bind.

Batting tees, catcher's equipment, and game balls are issued to coaches each season.

Bats, practice balls, batting gloves, cleats, or other training equipment are not provided.

Baseball Specific

  • 3U - 12U: non-metal cleats shall be worn
  • 13U and older: traditional metal baseball spikes shall be permitted, but not required

What is the cost of the uniform?

Uniforms costs are included in the registration fee for all levels.

The uniform will consist of the following:


3U/4U only: Team jersey, with their number on the back, and a team cap.

All other age divisions: Team jersey, with their number on the back, a team cap, belt, and socks.


All age divisions: Team jersey with their number, team visor/cap/headband (selected by head coach), belt, and socks.

Coaches may choose to require a color of pants, in which case additional costs may be incurred by the coach and/or the team.  
TCBSA encourages you to shop at our partner, Dick's Sporting Goods. Check the Special Offers for savings on uniforms and equipment.

Will my child be expected to participate in a fundraiser for the Tri-Cities Baseball & Softball Association?

No, all funds required are included in registration fees, income from tournaments, and sponsorship. Fundraisers are not required.